Let’s Ring Bells of Peace


August 5, 2020

This August marks 75 years of peace since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

To commemorate this important milestone, Sonoma County JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) is promoting a project called “Let’s Ring Bells of Peace”. It is spearheaded by Sebastopol World Friends (SWF), Sebastopol’s sister city organization. The project is asking the public across the U.S. and Japan to ring a bell simultaneously on the date and time when the atomic bombings happened 75 years ago.

In solidarity with SWF, Sonoma County JACL will be hosting two Zoom events for our members and friends at the following dates and times:

  • Wednesday 8/5 Zoom starting at 4:00 PM Bell ringing at 4:15 PM (US PDT) – to coincide with the actual date and time the bomb fell on Hiroshima (8/6 at 8:15am in Japan)
  • Saturday 8/8 Zoom starting at 6:45 PM Bell ringing at 7:02 PM (US PDT) – to coincide with the actual date and time the bomb fell on Nagasaki (8/9 at 11:02am in Japan)

During the bell ringing, you are welcome to ring your own bell at home. Before and after the bell-ringing, we will have selected speakers. The two events will have different programs and you are welcome to join just one or both.

Anyone wishing to attend the JACL Zoom sessions, please email Phyllis Tajii at phyllistajii@gmail.com and indicate which session you would like to attend. We will send you the Zoom link prior to the event.

Commemorating this important moment, at different locations but together in spirit, will be a powerful gesture of our commitment to world peace. Your participation would be meaningful and greatly appreciated. Together we can show the world hope, especially during these uncertain times.

For anyone who would like to commemorate the anniversary individually, please send your videos and/or photos of your commemoration to Sebastopol World Friends! See SWF’s facebook page for more information.