About Us

PEACE CRANE PROJECT is committed to creating a world free of nuclear weapons, where people can learn to live together in harmony and peace.

origami tsuru crane foldThe organization was started by residents of Sonoma County who were concerned about nuclear weapons proliferation around the world. Peace Crane Project, formerly known as Hiroshima-Nagasaki Remembrance Day Committee, has been producing the annual August commemoration of the dropping of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki since 1980s.

The commemoration day typically features a poster series exhibit produced by Hiroshima Mayors for Peace, Peace Crane origami workshop, speakers, dance performances, shakuhachi flute and taiko drum performers.

As part of our ongoing effort to expand our anti-nuclear & peace work, we also install & maintain Peace Poles in Sonoma County. These are poles with plaques in various languages saying, ”MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH”. Our first pole was installed in Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square, on the east side of the stage, in 2006.

Recently, we began partnering with Fukushima Response to raise awareness about the health and environmental impact of nuclear power plants that are promoted as “clean energy.”